Advertising Sponsorship

Excitement over SacSings! will be growing in the run-up to the event – and will stay strong, as we announce plans for future activities. That excitement will draw people to our website and bring them to the Festival. Your display ad in the Festival’s printed program or website banner ad can make your message part of that excitement. Click on one of the links on the right to find out how remarkably affordable it is to identify your organization as a supporter of this extraordinary event.

Rate Sheets

Note: below is the information for the 2015 festival. Sign up to be notified when new rates are established.

Program Display Ad

We will be printing 2,500 Festival programs for the roughly 2,000 audience members and nearly 700 participants. You will be shocked to find out how low the ad prices are, starting at just $75 for a black & white business card-sized ad.

Download 2015 Program Rate Card

Website Banner Ad

A Banner Ad on this website costs as little as $1.00 per day. Imagine how many people will be visiting this site between now and June 15?

Download 2015 Banner Ad Rate Card